1. FOX2 STUDIO (as the manufacturer) offers a one (1) year limited warranty for all products against all manufacturer defects. 2. The warranty is subject to the user adhering to the storage, transportation and operation rules. 3. During the warranty period, the manufacturer will determine whether it is under warranty according to the digital serial number of the product and the corresponding delivery date, and repair or replace the parts according to the problem. 4. FOX2 STUDIO will repair or replace defective products covered by a valid warranty at no cost to the customer with the exception of the postage of the product to FOX2 STUDIO. FOX2 STUDIO will pay for the return shipping back to the customer. 5. For simpler warranty cases, FOX2 STUDIO will also ship out individual replacement parts. 6. The warranty does not cover damage caused to the unit on purpose to require a repair or replacement. This includes, but is not limited to: excessive filth, excessive force, dropping the unit, submerging the unit in water, or shorting out the circuits of the unit. FOX2 STUDIO reserves the right to make a determination as to the nature of the defect and whether or not it was caused intentionally. Intentional damage will void the warranty and no further attempts to repair or replace will be undertaken by the manufacturer. 7. Proof of Warranty coverage are the delivery date on electronic order number. 8. The FOX2 STUDIO warranty service does not cover products purchased from any third-party resellers; for products purchased from third parties, please contact their respective after-sale support instead. 9. All returned units will be subject to inspection by the FOX2 STUDIO warranty team. After inspection, FOX2 STUDIO will determine if the defect is covered under the warranty. Intentional damage or misuse is not covered by the warranty. 10. The warranty is non-transferable.


1. Unwanted products can be returned within 14 days of receipt. 2. Returned products must be unused(Based on the built-in electronic life recorder of the device, the service life due to quality inspection will not exceed 10 minutes at the factory.), undamaged and in their original packaging, with all original packaged contents and accessories included and intact. 3. Return costs are at the responsibility of the customer. 4. FOX2 STUDIO will inspect all returned products to ensure they are following the previous rules. 5. Refunds will only be completed once all products have been received and inspected. 6. Refunds will only include the cost of the products and not shipping charges.